Above everything at Saucin Sauces, we are a family: Matt and Natalie Werle and our four daughters. We are proud to deliver a product that has 100% real, honest ingredients. #SAUCIN is versatile and anyone from the fitness enthusiast, mom on the go or BBQ pit master is sure to love it.

A note from Matt

What started all of this was my love for barbecuing. Being in a house with Natalie, four daughters and two girl dogs the BBQ was “Matt” time. One day I set out to smoke pulled pork and make tacos! This is when #SAUCIN was created. After some trial and error, I perfected my recipe. Friends and family quickly started loving the new BBQ sauce recipe and it quickly became a family favorite.


In 2014 a few friends and I decided to enter my first rib cook-off in Novato, CA. This was the first time I had competed in any type of BBQ event. I made my BBQ sauce knowing it would be great on the ribs and never actually thinking I would win a prize against over 15 teams. That day I won 1st prize for best BBQ Sauce! I always knew my sauce was good but to get recognition from actual judges blew me away. That night was the first conversation Natalie and I had about attempting to bottle my BBQ Sauce.

A few years went by, busy with kids work and life. Still making BBQ sauce in batches in my kitchen for friends and family. One night helping out at a bar & grill our family owned I decided to make my sauce. Some customers asked what we were making and asked for the BBQ sauce on their food. That night I got a ton of great feedback from people and it made me feel awesome! Customers kept coming back asking for my BBQ Sauce. I went back and made another huge batch. That didn’t last long before more and more people were asking for it. Natalie said to me, “holy $h!t, people actually like your bbq sauce, should we actually try to sell this?”

After many long talks and thinking of all the pros and cons of attempting to sell BBQ sauce we decided to give it a go! We were terrified but said if this was something we were going to do we were going to give it all we had and put our hearts and souls into this. First thing was first and that was to come up with a name. Most people don’t know #SAUCIN was not the original name for the BBQ sauce. My family and I actually used to call it “Blam Sauce”. But who wants to actually buy a sauce called “blam”?!

Fast forward to where we are today and we are still blown away and humbled by all of the amazing support we continue to receive. We have the best customers, friends and family. The people we have met and worked with are amazing and building these relationships is laying the foundation for what we believe in. We have so many exciting ideas and plans to add and grow our business. The fact that we get the chance to do what we love with our family is the biggest blessing. When you buy BBQ sauce from us you are supporting a dream and for that we are forever grateful.


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